What is this even about?

Welcome to theater geek! On this site I will be informing you about all that is theater! (And there might be some specials along the way that aren’t.) Well that basically sums what this site is about, but Here is what I plan to write about in the future!

I will write about local theater and auditions that are coming up and shows that are coming up in the boulder area. I will tell you about school productions and other productions (like Peanut Butter Players, Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids, Centerstage, Broadway in Boulder, and Parlando). I might inform you about adult theater productions as well.

I will write about BROADWAY! The mother of all things theater. I will tell you about up coming shows to Broadway and to the Denver Buell Theater (travelling cast).  And if I can I might be able to update on auditions for a musical.

I will have surprises, 3 actually, I might have more but…  anyway… These surprises will be weird cool little things that are not related to theater directly. And that is all I can say about this if I want it to stay a surprise.

Well thats the website in a nutshell. Thanks for reading! And look forward to seeing all this in the future!

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